Choosing a Hair Restoration Surgeon

As with any cosmetic procedure, it is important to choose a hair transplant specialist with care. Results can differ dramatically from one practitioner to another. Be sure to consider the following before selecting a hair restoration physician:

Choose a physician who focuses on hair restoration as a specialty rather than one of several cosmetic procedures. Outstanding results require a surgeon and staff who have extensive experience in hair restoration, including an investment in the latest microsurgical technologies.

Is the physician trained in the lateral slit technique? Known as the most highly advanced technique in micro follicular hair transplantation, the lateral slit technique offers the most natural results possible in hair implant surgery.

Choose a patient-focused practice that offers a holistic approach to hair restoration. In most cases, hair transplant surgery should not be the first recommendation for treating hair loss. Medication is a better choice for many people, including some who are not candidates for hair transplant surgery. Make sure the doctor does a complete evaluation on you and helps you understand all of your options.

Check the physician’s level of experience in hair restoration. As with any medical procedure, mastery of the associated skills takes time. Unfortunately, there is no official board certification program in hair restoration to prove a doctor’s competence.
Avoid highly commercial clinics that spend a lot of money on flashy advertising. These operations tend to be more concerned with their bottom line than patient satisfaction or the appropriateness of their candidates. Opt for a more professional office.

Ask for testimonials and before and after photos. A good hair restoration physician will have a large portfolio of before and after shots that you can view to ensure his work is to your satisfaction. You may also want to ask to speak to previous patients and/or meet them in person. Online forums can also give some insight into a doctor’s work.

Since your choice of physician will produce lasting results that you will have to look at every day in the mirror, this is no time to skimp on doing your homework.

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